SISTAR’s Hyorin reveals why she is participating in “Unpretty Rapstar 2”

Unpretty Rapstar 2 premiered on September 11th where SISTAR member and competitor Hyorin revealed the reason why she decided to join the show.

In the first episode (similar to Season 1), the eleven women underwent a cipher mission, combining each of their styles, in which they had to shoot a one-shot music video as well. First, however, everyone introduced themselves to one another as they would be working and competing against each other for the next few weeks.

MC San E asked Hyorin, “Why are you here?” as Hyorin is known to be a vocalist rather than a rapper.

She answered, “I’m not very good at rap but I like it.”

Contestant and female rapper KittiB then asked, “Have you written your own lyrics?” to which Hyorin replied that she has, emphasizing that if the composer doesn’t add rap lyrics, she will write it herself, and adding, “In five years, I’ve never tried the music I wanted to do. I don’t like ballads, I like hip-hop.”

Source: My Daily