SISTAR’s Hyorin talks about her recording studio phobia in “NO.MERCY”

SISTAR’s Hyorin talks about her fear and disclosed the story as to how she overcame the trauma on the recent episode of NO.MERCY.

On the fourth episode of NO.MERCY which aired on December 31st, Hyorin confessed that she once had a fear of being in the recording studio, further explaining on how she managed to overcome it.

During the broadcast, she revealed that, “I always had a fear of recording. I was told to be at the recording room in preparation for a project group I had not known about at the time. It was my first time then hearing my voice through my own ears. I was very shocked and stood still until someone told me off. It was after that incident that I started suffering a trauma in the recording room which caused me to be unable to record in a recording room.”

She continued her story explaining that since entering Starship Entertainment, she was inevitably asked to record once again, further explaining that,”I felt like running away. However, I saw the CEO sitting there to watch me, which made me think I would be causing problems and giving bad reputations for all the people there if I were to run away. The thought made me stay in the room for twelve hours recording without leaving once.”

Closing her confession, Hyorin explained how she overcame the trauma of being in a recording studio, catching the attention of others in the room. She further explained that, “I practiced a high note ad lib about 3,000 times in the song and that really exhausted me to the point I felt like dying. But, I was always the one to say I did not like it to continue for perfection. During that twelve hour recording, I had overcome my trauma for recording.”

Meanwhile, NO.MERCY is a survival reality program aired by Mnet in cooperation with Starship Entertainment. It features their artists SISTAR, K.Will, Jungigo, Mad Clown, Boyfriend and Jooyoung as they pick out the members for their latest male idol group. The show is planned to broadcast a collaboration mission with the best producers along with many of the best rappers such as, Rhymer, San E, Giri Boy and Genius No-chang. 

Source: Newsen