SISTAR’s Soyou reveals she is self-conscious about her small lips

On the latest episode of MBC Three WheelsSISTAR’s Soyou revealed her complex regarding her small lips, and the misconceptions that it brings about her personality. In the latest episode that aired on November 8th, Soyou spoke about her thin lips and how many people immediately think of her as an arrogant individual because of it. Soyou revealed, “Because of my small lips, whenever I’m expressionless, I look agitated. Comments on my articles are always mentioning that i look cocky, or that they don’t like my expressions.”

She continued on to reveal that she reads every single comment, no matter if it’s negative or positive. In the episode she says, “I can’t even ignore the comments because I get too curious whenever something with my name pops-up online. Even if there are 1000 comments, I go through every single one. Sometimes, my confidence takes a blow, when for example someone calls me ugly. I get self-conscious and flinch whenever the camera zooms in on me for the next 3 days [after reading those comments].” 

Source: Newsen