Im Siwan Receives Criticism For Amount Of Leave Taken During His Military Service, His Agency Responds

He took much more holiday time than is usual.

Siwan has been drawing unwanted attention from critics after it was revealed that he took 123 vacation days while serving in the military. Siwan took his 28 days of annual leave, 18 days of reward leave, 51 days of consolation leave, 14 days of compensation leave and 12 days of petition leave for medical purposes.

He has been accused of using his celebrity status to gain preferential treatment. His agency has released a statement responding to these allegations.

It is true that he has received more vacation days than the typical soldier, but we would like to inform you that he did not receive any unfair favours beyond what is allowed by the military.

– Siwan’s agency

Siwan was discharged from the military in March and is set to the star in the upcoming drama Hell Is Other People.