Siwon apologizes for his controversial retweets on same-sex marriages

Super Junior‘s Siwon recent retweets on his Twitter account received a lot of attention due to them illustrating his alleged stance when it comes to same-sex marriage.

Retweeted from a Twitter account @JohnPiper that included a news article about the current Davis case in the United States as well as two Biblical passages to confirm his position on the controversial matter.

On September 12th, he apologized for the controversy his retweets caused, writing in Korean, “Hello, this is Choi Siwon. I am sorry that I hurt so many people with the words I retweeted and I would like to apologize. I retweeted what I did because I ran into opinions that differ from the majority who agree with the idea of legalization of gay marriage.

However, through what many people have told me through Twitter, I belatedly realized that this topic was more sensitive than I had thought. I hurt many people with what I thoughtlessly retweeted, and I hurt fans that I love the most and my closest staff.

Once again, I would like to apologize for those I hurt with my retweets.”

He then made sure to also tweet in English, writing, “I apologize for my inconsiderate choice to retweet Rev.Piper’s tweet. Reason I echoed Rev. Piper’s thoughts was because I wished to voice a plurality of opinions. However, now I realize that my comments were hurtful to those whom I hold dearest: my fans, and their friends and families. I am truly sorry.

My judgment was insensitive, thoughtless, and ill-conceived. I will do my best to learn from my mistakes and reflect on my faith. I thank everyone for their support and understanding.”