South Korean Internet Company Sues Netflix For Nearly $30 Million After Success Of “Squid Game”

Its popularity has caused some trouble for the internet company.

Since its release on the streaming service Netflix, Korean drama Squid Game immediately became a hit worldwide, topping trending lists and becoming a must-watch from celebrities to the average citizen.

Unfortunately, its popularity is the very reason it has run into some trouble with a particular internet service provider in Korea.

In a report from Reuters, SK Broadband is currently suing Netflix for the “increased network traffic and maintenance work” caused by so many viewers watching the show on the streaming platform.

SK Broadband revealed that Netflix’s network traffic has increased more than twenty-four times since 2018, credited to the popularity of Squid Game and fellow Korean drama D.P.

SK Broadband estimated that Netflix owes them $22.9 million USD solely for the year 2020. The internet service provider also called attention to the fact that Netflix is the second-largest consumer of network traffic but is only one of two companies that don’t have to pay any network fees.

SK Corporation | Yonhap News Agency

For those concerned about whether it will limit access to the show, Netflix responded by sharing its plan to “review SK Broadband’s claim, and seek dialogue and explore ways in the meantime to work with SK Broadband to ensure customers are not affected.

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Source: Reuters

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