Limited Edition BTS Figurines Announced In 2 Day Promotion

The dream of ARMYs the world over has just become a reality as SK Telecom has just announced they will be carrying BTS figurines for a limited time only.

SK Telecom recently posted a photo featuring the silhouettes of its new models and the internet was quickly buzzing with rumors that the silhouettes might belong to BTS and GFRIEND. It looks like fans were more right than they thought!

Official photo of part of SK Telecom’s BTS army.

SK Telecom announced that they would be carrying these figurines just after midnight today and the response has (naturally) already been enormous.

There are two ways to get your hands on these precious, limited edition BTS figurines. SK Telecom will be carrying the figurines in their shops between February 18 and 19, so anyone who lives near a location can go in and get one. There is one catch, however. It appears that fans who visit the stores during the promotion will have to choose a key and hope it leads them to the BTS figurine they want.

The BTS figurines lined up together.

SK Telecom has also announced that they will be giving 14 figurines away for free via a Twitter sweepstake if you retweet the post and include the hashtag: #T월드다녀오겠습니다

It is unclear at this point whether international fans will also get a crack at these BTS figurines, but one thing’s for sure, the demand is certainly there!