Has “SM 3.0” Affected aespa’s Comeback? Winter Reveals All

“We do feel like now that we have a team especially there for us.”

SM Entertainment, the renowned South Korean entertainment company, took the K-Pop industry by storm earlier this year with the announcement of its latest business strategy and development plan, “SM 3.0” As their newest girl group, aespa, was preparing for their concert and comeback during this time, fans couldn’t help but wonder if the new system had impacted their highly anticipated return. Winter, one of the members of aespa, shed some light on the situation, giving fans a glimpse into their experience.

SM 3.0 aimed to integrate various aspects of the company’s operations, such as music production, content creation, and global distribution, into a cohesive system. This comprehensive plan was designed to expand the company’s market presence and provide a more immersive experience for fans. As part of this initiative, SM introduced the concept of “five plus one” production centers, where artists would have more independence and creative autonomy.

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During aespa’s showcase for their latest release My World, Winter revealed that the new system hadn’t directly affected aespa yet. However, she acknowledged that all four of the members now felt they had a dedicated team specifically focused on their success.

The new system at the company hasn’t affected us directly yet, but we do feel like now that we have a team especially there for us.

— aespa’s Winter

Winter also shared that aespa’s goal was not to compete with others but to showcase their continuous growth and improvement. She highlighted the unique universe story that sets aespa apart from other artists. Despite any changes happening within the company, their primary concern was how to present their latest track, “Spicy,” and ensure that fans would continue to support them.

Rather than the changes within the company, we were more worried about how to present ‘Spicy’ and whether the fans would be concerned about us. We are always the same and we’re always thinking about our next music.

— aespa’s Winter

In the midst of these discussions, a past controversy resurfaced involving Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment. Lee Sung Soo, one of the co-CEOs of SM, claimed that Lee Soo Man caused a delay in aespa’s comeback planned for the beginning of the year. Allegedly, demands were made to incorporate themes of “planting trees” and “sustainability” into their songs. This unexpected request caused challenges for the team and led to the cancellation of the song’s launch, causing a setback in aespa’s comeback preparations.

Parts of the lyrics include “just sustainability,” “lowering the degree by even one,” “co-existence,” and “greenism.” These words that have no relation to K-Pop at all appeared in the lyrics here and there. The early part of the song even contained “planting trees.” The aespa members were so upset they even got choked up [with tears].

— Lee Sung Soo on aespa’s reaction

As aespa continues their musical journey, fans eagerly await their upcoming releases, hoping to witness their growth and witness the unique universe they bring to life.

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