NUGU Has Pre-Released Some SM Artists’ Voices For Their AI Voice Service

Now your favorite idols are right at home!

“NUGU” is an at-home AI companion distributed by SK Telecom (similar to Amazon‘s Alexa and Google Home). They have recently been preparing “NUGU Celeb”, which is a voice option that allows you to pick between the voices of your favorite K-Pop idols. It is rumored that JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment (as well as a few more SM Entertainment artists) will have their idols featured later in the process.

For now, some lucky fans were able to become the first customers to try out EXO‘s Baekhyun, Red Velvet‘s Joy, and NCT‘s Taeyong‘s voices.

This fan couldn’t sleep after Baekhyun responded to them saying “I love you” to NUGU.

Baekhyun responds: “That was the first time in a while that my heart raced. I’m happy to hear that, thank you, I love you.”

When the AI reacts late, or can’t hear you, Baekhyun has an adorable reaction that will give fans a heart attack.

He says: “I was too busy thinking about you, so I didn’t have a chance to reply. It’s true!”

This fan asked Taeyong for the weather forecast, as well as to play a song. Taeyong, of course, played NCT U‘s “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”.

Fans absolutely cannot wait for more voices! Whose voice would you like to see on this device?