SM Makes A Statement About Chanyeol’s Sasaeng Fans Who Tried To Break Into His Officetel

SM revealed the identity of the woman inside the building.

Sasaeng fans recently tried to break into EXO Chanyeol‘s office-tel in Seoul. He was not in the building but an unidentified female friend of Chanyeol contacted him as she was inside when the sasaeng fans arrived. Chanyeol had reported the fans to the police.

SM Entertainment has spoken to explain that the office-tel wasn’t used as Chanyeol’s home but a studio for his colleagues and himself. One of the female crew members were working in the studio at the time, and she was the one who contacted Chanyeol.

SM also asked fans to refrain from invading their artists’ privacy.

Sasaeng fans caused a disturbance at the studio that Chanyeol and MQ use together, so they reported it to the police. The person who was inside the studio was a member of the crew that work together on their music.

We ask that fans refrain from invading our artists’ privacy as it causes them stress and harm.

— SM Entertainment

Source: Spotv


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