SM Directors BoA And Kangta Each Earned $100,000 USD On Stock Options In The Past Year

They are reaping the benefits of having been with SM Entertainment for years.

BoA and Kangta, who are also directors at SM Entertainment, have each earned profits of over 100 million KRW ($88,594 USD) through stock options in the past year.

Kangta, who debuted as a member of H.O.T. in 1996, exercised his stock options on December 10, 2018. At the time, he bought 5,500 shares of SM stock at 35,587 KRW ($31.53 USD) per share. On December 27, 2018, he sold the shares on the market at 53,500 KRW ($47.40 USD). He then purchased another 4,500 shares at 35,587 KRW ($31.53 USD) through stock options on January 15th of this year and sold them on February 15 at 47,700 KRW ($42.26).

As of March 6, Kangta has earned a total of 153,030,000 KRW ($135,575 USD) within the past 4 months.


BoA also exercised her stock options on April 27, 2018, purchasing 10,000 shares of SM stock at 35,587 KRW ($31.53 USD).  She sold 9,000 of these shares On August 29, 2018 at 49,000 KRW ($43.41 USD) and another 500 shares on November 19 at 53,500 KRW ($47.40 USD).

BoA earned a total of 111,880,000 KRW ($99,118 USD).

Source: News1