“Freedom?” SM Entertainment’s Recent Activity Has Netizens Questioning EXO’s Future With The Company

“EXO’s freedom from the pink company is gonna happen soon…”

Netizens think recent activity from SM Entertainment shares that EXO‘s future with the company is less certain than expected.

The members of EXO | @tsmeceyida/Twitter

While a previous lawsuit against the company made it seem like EXO’s future with SM Entertainment was more secure, netizens couldn’t hide their shock when D.O. announced he was leaving the company and creating his own company for his solo ventures.

EXO’s D.O. | @d.o.hkyungsoo/Instagram

Along with D.O.’s announcement, recent activity from SM Entertainment has netizens doubting the group’s future with the company even more.

Like many companies, SM Entertainment has started to share snippets of their artists’ Season’s Greetings, with a look at the concept each group was going for and what fans could expect.

| SM Entertainment

While fans loved In particular, many netizens noticed that one group was missing. In the close-up pictures of each of the boxes, EXO still wasn’t included among the SM Entertainment groups, particularly the fact that they are still active.

| @kwangyaofficial/Twitter
| @kwangyaofficial/Twitter

When the pictures were shared via social media…

Netizens unsurprisingly had the funniest reactions, with many hoping that it was a hint that EXO’s future with SM Entertainment might be more uncertain, with many joking about “EXO’s freedom.”

While it might just be a matter of the product not being ready or some other logistical issue, it’s not surprising that fans think it could hint at the group’s future, especially with news about D.O. leaving the company.

Source: kwangyaofficial