SM Entertainment and Kris (Wu Yifan) fail to reach an agreement during second mediation

SM Entertainment and Kris (Wu Yifan) are reported to have failed to reach an agreement during their second mediation process. 

On December 5th, Seoul Central District Court conducted a second mediation meeting between SM Entertainment and Wu Yifan after they failed to agree during their first mediation meeting back in July. The second court appointed mediation was held privately and reported to have lasted 20 minutes. The meeting was attended by private counsels from both sides with Kris and SM Entertainment’s Kim Young Min absent.

The focus of the meeting was to find an amicable agreement before they enter into a standard civil proceeding. However, both sides failed to reach an agreement in their second mediation, having the same results as their first mediation last July 8th.

Before the court decides to enter legal battle between the two sides, it was decided that a third mediation meeting will be scheduled for next year.

Wu Yifan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment back in May 15th to officially terminate his contract with the agency, citing unfair income distribution and improper management between their teams. Since then, he has remained absent from the rest of the group’s activities and has actively sought projects independently in China.

Source: Newsen