SM Entertainment and Luhan fail to reach an agreement

The legal battle between SM Entertainment and Luhan continues after the two parties allegedly failed to reach an agreement. As reported by Star News on August 4th, SM Entertainment and Luhan failed to settle an agreement on their legal disputes as they schedule their first court date on August 19th. This would mean that after ten months of Luhan filing the legal complaint, the issue will be finally brought into court.

Meanwhile, Kris, who has a similar case against the agency, also failed to reach an agreement and is scheduled to face court on September 2nd.

Both Kris and Luhan cited discrimination in their original complains and stated that the agency did not treat and pay them properly.

As a response, SM Entertainment previously released a statement saying, “The fact that the two of them sought legal action for the same reason with the same legal representative when there were no issues can only mean one thing. They are prioritizing personal success and putting it before everyone involved including the agency and group now that they have gained fame through group activities.”

Source: Star News