SM Entertainment’s Official Statement Reveals They Will Be Taking Strong Legal Action Against Illegal Acts

They will do their best to protect their artists.

SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding illegal acts against their artists and confirmed that they would be taking strong legal action against them.

SM Entertainment | SM Entertainment

The agency revealed that they have taken the initiative and “commissioned more than 10 law firms to file civil and criminal cases.”

With more and more malicious rumors and comments being posted online without any verification, it is defaming the artists. The agency claimed, “We inform you that the act of spreading such rumors is illegal and subject to legal action.

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SM Entertainment also revealed that their official email account, “which was created in 2017, has received thousands of reports daily” and that they “have been discussing and verifying the reports with the artists, while filing lawsuits as needed.” The agency promised to do their best to protect the rights of their artists.

We will continue to support and protect the rights and honor of our artists and help them grow and improve as artists.

— SM Entertainment

Read the full statement below:

This is SM Entertainment. Regarding the various illegal acts made against our artists, we have commissioned more than 10 law firms — some of which are the best in Korea — to proceed and file civil and criminal cases. Malicious rumors, comments, posts, and insults have been seen circulating on online communities, social networking platforms, and web portals, calling for the need to take stronger legal action from our end. Creating and spreading malicious rumors, as well as publishing groundless and insulting comments, all constitute defamation. We hereby inform you that such acts are subject to legal action.

Please beware not to get involved in such activities. Additionally, since its creation in 2017, our email account ( has been receiving thousands of reports daily. We have been discussing and verifying these reports with our artists, while filing lawsuits regularly as needed. Many have been found guilty as charged. Hence, we continue to identify and press charges against the malicious posters, with the help of fan reports, cooperation of local and international web portals and platforms, and our own monitoring processes.

We will do our best to not only protect our artists’ rights and honor, but also help them grow and flourish as artists. Again, we would like to emphasize that we will seek legal action against all the various illegal activities, like we have been doing so far. Thank you.

⁠— SM Entertainment