SM Entertainment Faces Backlash Due To NCT 127’s Shockingly Low Album Sales

“This is ridiculous…”

NCT 127‘s name has always been synonymous with record-breaking album sales and a formidable fanbase. From their 3rd studio album, Sticker boasting 2.4 million sales in just a week to the phenomenal first-week sales of 1.5 million for 2 Baddies, NCT 127 has consistently set the bar high. However, with the release of their 5th studio album, Fact Check, a cloud of confusion and disbelief hangs over their fans.

| SM Entertainment

The album recorded an unexpected dip in sales, with only 256,800 copies sold on its first day. In comparison, more than 760,000 copies of Sticker were sold within the first day and nearly 500,000 for 2 Baddies. Now, three days post-release, the figures stand at a mere 278,775.

Given the legacy of NCT 127’s previously soaring sales, fans are understandably bewildered and frustrated. This decline has sparked a wave of concern and several theories, with most fingers pointing at SM Entertainment‘s history of stocking issues.

Though one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea, SM has faced previous backlashes related to stocking inefficiencies. Fans have voiced their concern, urging the entertainment giant to restock Fact Check albums across stores, believing the understocking to be the primary reason behind the plummeting sales. With such a consistent track record of high sales, many argue that this abrupt fall can’t be attributed merely to a change in fanbase dedication or purchasing patterns.

The sense of dissatisfaction doesn’t end with stocking issues. NCT 127’s promotional schedule, which plays a vital role in any group’s comeback success, has also come under scrutiny. Fans expressed disappointment upon learning that the group won’t be performing at M COUNTDOWN and  Inkigayo in the first week of their comeback. These music shows, known for their vast viewership and influence, have historically been significant platforms for artists to showcase their new work and interact with fans.

This isn’t the first time SM Entertainment has found itself amidst stocking controversies. Last year, the K-Pop titan had to release an official statement regarding the unavailability of one version of Red Velvet‘s album. Fans were left high and dry when the album went out of stock within mere hours after preorders opened on multiple platforms. The statement admitted to producing the album in limited quantities, a move that understandably did not sit well with the ardent fanbase.

It remains to be seen how SM Entertainment will address this latest controversy. While the specifics of the reason behind Fact Check‘s low sales are yet to be unraveled, fans are ardently hoping for a quick resolution.