[★BREAKING] SM Entertainment confirms dispute with EXO Tao’s dad

SM Entertainment has responded to the letter posted by Tao‘s father on Weibo, sharing their hopes that an agreement can be met.

In the early morning of April 23rd, SM Entertainment released a short statement as followed:

“SM Entertainment will project its official position.

We would like to express our official position regarding the post made by Tao’s father on Weibo today.

We are currently in the process of continuously discussing the various activities for Tao in China with Tao and his father, it’s unfortunate that Tao’s father would post such an article. Nevertheless, through discussions with Tao’s father, we hope to explore his [Tao’s] developmental direction [to find a solution through a constructive way].”

Just recently, Tao’s father created a Weibo account and posted a lengthy letter apologizing to fans, the agency, and Tao, as he revealed he wanted to bring Tao back home. Tao has been suffering from a leg injury in the past year, of which has not seemed to have healed completely yet, causing the singer to opt out of “Call Me Baby” activities.

Source: My Daily

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