[★BREAKING] SM Entertainment Confirms Sulli And Choiza Have Broken Up

SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture both confirmed the breakup rumors of Sulli and Choiza through official statements to the media.

Early reports on the afternoon of March 6 reported that Sulli and Choiza had ended their relationship after an insider revealed this information to the media.

After the initial reports, media outlets reached out to SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture for a statement regarding the breakup rumors.

SM Entertainment confirmed the breakup through a statement made to the media.

“After looking into the report, it is correct that they have broken up. They have decided to remain good junior-senior friends.”

– SM Entertainment

After SM Entertainment confirmed the breakup, Amoeba Culture also confirmed SM Entertainment’s stance with the following words.


“It’s true that they recently broke up. The two naturally drifted apart due to their busy schedules and different ways of life. They will keep the moments they spent together as good memories and will support each other’s futures as friends.”

– Amoeba Culture

Source: Ten Asia Ilgan Ten Asia