SM Entertainment Creates “SM Studios” So They Can Focus On Music

The company is reorganizing its many subsidiary companies.

Today, SM Entertainment announced a reorganization of their subsidiary companies!

They revealed a new subsidiary company, SM Studios, which is completely owned by only SM Entertainment. SM Entertainment’s shares in SM C&C, SM Life Design Group, KeyEast, Mystic Story, and DEAR U will be put into SM Studios.

SM Culture & Contents (SM C&C) is an advertising business, content production business, and a management agency for actors and entertainers. SM Life Design Group is a company that prints albums, books, and magazines as well as gives logistics for those printings. It also distributes films and produces K-Dramas. KeyEast is a management agency for actors that also produces K-Dramas. Mystic Story manages actors and musicians. DEAR U is a mobile application development and operating company.

SM Studios will promote efficient group business through a responsible management system.

Through the integrated management of the K-Drama, entertainment, and new media sectors, the companies affiliated with SM Studios will have more collective bargaining power and market competitiveness. Through this reorganization, we intend to focus more on the music business, which is the heart of SM Entertainment.

—SM Entertainment

Source: Newsis and Sports Kyunghyang