This Is What SM Entertainment Has Currently Planned For 2020

A new group?

One of the Big Three companies, this is what SM Entertainment has planned currently for 2020.

For Red Velvet, they plan to focus on international promotions and to expand their music to a worldwide audience following the success of “Psycho.”

NCT is planning more domestic activities and overseas activities. Fans are anticipating a change in NCT Dream‘s line-up as well as a possible new NCT unit.

Minho and Onew will be discharged from their military service in 2020, and SM Entertainment is planning to show off their charms along with Taemin through individual activities. Key will still be in the military.

Super Junior is planning a comeback in late January with a repackaged album of their 9th mini album “Time_slip.”

EXO saw immense success with their 6th album. They are planning to hold more concert both internationally and domestically, as well as more individual activities abroad.

Girls’ Generation will also be focusing on individual activities.

Finally, SM Entertainment is planning to debut a new girl group in 2020, six years after Red Velvet’s debut. Members, group name, concept, and more are yet to be announced, but many are looking forward to the debut. SM Trainees are known for their abilities and visuals, and people believe they will be monster rookies.

SM Rookies

What are you most excited for?

Source: Naver