SM Entertainment Reportedly To Debut Two New NCT Units, NCT Hollywood And NCT Tokyo — And Netizens Have Mixed Feelings

Here is what NCTzens really think about the new units.

SM Entertainment reportedly has plans to debut two new units under NCT, according to Korean media; NCT Hollywood and NCT Tokyo.

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Last year SM Entertainment announced it would be partnering with American company MGM Television Worldwide Group and Digital. Together they planned to produce a survival show in which NCT Hollywood would be formed. SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man would mentor the trainees throughout the show, along with some of the established NCT members.

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When the announcement was first made, NCTzen reactions were mixed at best. A year later, it is now being reported in Korean media that SM Entertainment intends to debut not only NCT Hollywood, but a new Japan-based unit named NCT Tokyo. Yet, reactions continue to be mixed.

When NCT Hollywood was first announced, NCTzens felt that a new unit based in America was not only just a business ploy, but also unfair to the established members.

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Fans claim that SM Entertainment debuting a new NCT unit is unfair when there are members that are still not managed properly, including Sungchan and Shotaro, who debuted in 2020 without a fixed unit…

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…and the members of WayV, who fans still feel have not been given enough comeback and promotional activities (their most recent comeback was more than a year ago, when they released their Kick Back album on March 10, 2021).

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NCTzens are now continuing to voice this criticism, claiming that SM Entertainment’s management of NCT’s members has already been wanting for a long time, making it less than encouraging for fans of these members to see new units being debuted.

While NCT Hollywood was announced last year, NCT Tokyo has yet to be officially confirmed by SM Entertainment.


Source: Naver