SM Entertainment denies rumors of f(x)’s Luna in a relationship with musical actor Seo Kyung Soo

Exclusive news from Korean portal site My Daily broke the news that f(x)’s Luna (22) was currently in a relationship with musical actor Seo Kyung Soo (26), whom she starred alongside in the musical, In The Heights.

On November 6th, a source told the media portal, “f(x)’s Luna and Seo Kyung Soo have feelings for each other and are dating. I saw them openly expressing affection for one another near Daehak-ro.”

The source continues to reveal that since the two play lovers in the musical In The Heights which they have practiced for since September, their began to naturally form feelings for one another.

However, just as soon as the dating news was published, SM Entertainment has refute the claims, telling Star News that the two are only colleagues that are working together in the musical and are not dating.

Source: Star News and My Daily