SM Entertainment Employees Reportedly Want Lee Soo Man “Out” Amid Reports Of Label Infighting

“Mr. Lee Soo Man, please leave while we are still applauding you.”

SM Entertainment‘s employees reportedly support the regime change taking place at the label.

SM Town store | Yonhap News

On February 6, the news outlet Newsis reported that long-time SM Entertainment artist and company executive, Kim Min Jong, had, in an email, criticized the label’s upcoming plans of a “post-Lee Soo Man” era heralded as “SM 3.0” by co-CEOs, Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Jun.

Kim Min Jong | SBS News

In the email, Kim Min Jong is reported to have claimed that all of the label’s executives and artists were in shock due to the plans and accused the CEOs of one-sidedly ousting Lee Soo Man. In his email, Kim Min Jong also cited reasons why the label should retain its former chief and founder.

SM Entertainment needs producer Lee Soo Man’s senses, and we should respect Lee Soo Man, who has pledged his whole life to the founding and expansion of SM Entertainment.

— Kim Min Jong

According to reports, however, employees at the label are overwhelmingly in favor of the regime change. Reports alleged that employees of the label supported the CEOs’ new plans for the label and even criticized Kim Min Jong’s letter.

(Kim Min Jong) sounds like someone who doesn’t know what the employees go through on a daily basis. In any case, (CEOs Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Jun) are leading (SM Entertainment) to a brighter future.

— SM Entertainment employee

Other reported employee comments include, “Mr. Lee Soo Man, please leave while we are applauding you,” while some employees asked, “Who are the shocked artists?

Lee Soo Man | Hankook Kyungjae

Netizens also reacted positively to SM Entertainment’s new direction while reacting negatively to Kim Min Jong’s letter.

  • “Isn’t Lee soo Man an eighty-year-old grandpa? He needs to rest.”
  • “They are going to re-negotiate employees’ salaries after Lee Soo Man leaves, LOL. Just this alone shows this is good news for employees.”
  • “Looking at this article makes me think that SM Entertainment is doing well.”
  • “(Kim Min Jong) can leave with him then! I think it’s a good thing they are raising employee salaries.”
  • “Can’t (Kim Min Jong) leave with (Lee Soo Man)?”
  • “I’m supporting the change, ^^. Lee Soo Man and Kim Min Jong can leave together.”
  • “To be honest, (Lee Soo Man) should have left a long time ago, and it’s still late. The person talking (Kim Min Jong) is the only one who doesn’t know this.”
  • “Reading this tells me Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Jun are doing a good job.”

According to reports, industry insiders have responded positively to “SM 3.0.” The plans include a multi-production center as well as a re-shuffling of label and human resources for efficiency. SM Entertainment’s stock reportedly rose by 1% after its presentation of the new plans.

Lee Soo Man is the founder of SM Entertainment and is largely hailed as one of the pioneers of K-Pop. Under the founder, SM Entertainment debuted some of K-Pop’s most consequential groups, such as H.O.T., S.E.S., Girls’ Generation, Shinhwa, and  EXO.

What are your thoughts? Will you be sad to see Lee Soo Man leave?




Source: theqoo and newsis
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