“How Can SM Entertainment Lie Shamelessly Like That?” — A Military Official Speaks Up About The Supposed “Law Changes” Regarding EXO’s Kai Enlistment

“How can they lie through their teeth about the military bureau?”

SM Entertainment recently announced the military enlistment of EXO’s Kai. The company quoted changes in the military law as a reason for the sudden enlistment.

Although Kai had been preparing for EXO’s comeback later this year, due to recent changes in the law regarding military enlistment, Kai will be enlisting on May 11 to complete his basic training, after which he will begin working as a social worker.

—SM Entertainment

Fans’ dissent has already been brewing, with many claiming that the law had been allegedly changed in January 2023. This would have given the company ample time to prepare for a May enlistment rather than shock both fans and Kai himself.

I heard that the law changed in January, you SM f@ckers.

— @cherrymarukai/Twitter

As the buzz grew, a military official finally spoke up on May 4, 2023. The official stated to XSportsNews that “there have been no changes to the rules regarding enlistment and summons.” With this new piece of information, fans are more incensed than ever.

Netizen reactions to the news. | theqoo
  • Wow, this matter also proves how a huge company can be absolutely useless.
  • They’re just shamelessly straight-up lying. With the military bureau as opponents at that.
  • How can they lie through their teeth about the military bureau, ugh.
  • I’ve always felt this way, but I think they’re the one-top when it comes to a company that doesn’t give a f*ck about the fans.
  • Bad news has been coming up on the hot-topics page these few days, hmm. I don’t care about SM 3.0 or whatever but why is the way they handle work getting worse and worse?
  • SM is lying about the military bureau, this is insane LOL They’re a legendarily idiotic company. And Kai is the only one getting cursed at. What is this?

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Source: XSportsNews and theqoo