SM Entertainment files lawsuit against Luhan and Wu Yifan in Beijing

On July 31st, SM Entertainment released an official statement updating the current legal battle with Luhan and Wu Yifan.

Through the statement, the agency revealed that as of July 30th, they have officially filed for lawsuit with the court in Beijing. The lawsuit raised is against Luhan and Wu Yifan as well as their respective endorsers in China.

SM Entertainment went on to state that until the courts in Korea make a final decision on the status of the exclusive contract with Wu Yifan, it is still legitimate. The company will take legal action due to the financial loss incurred due to Wu Yifan’s solo promotional activities whether advertisements, variety show, or movie filmings. Not only did the agency see these activities as going against legal boundaries, they broke the trust between SM Entertainment and EXO and Wu Yifan.

The update continued to say that legal action would be taken against not just Wu Yifan but also any persons or companies who have helped or collaborated with him in breaking his exclusive contract with the agency. It will take any legal steps necessary to preserve the rights and interests of SM Entertainment and EXO.

Source: Ent 163