SM Entertainment files official lawsuit against Luhan and his production company

SM Entertainment has officially filed a lawsuit against former EXO-M member Luhan and his production company for continuing his own activities in China, in addition to another lawsuit they filed earlier this February. 

On February 4, the agency was revealed to have taken legal action again Luhan and Kris (Wu Yifan) for continuing with their own activities in China in addition to the ongoing contract termination lawsuit between the former EXO-M members and SM Entertainment. They announced that they filed official lawsuits against the companies that had been using Luhan and Kris as advertisement models in China.

Now, on February 11, SM Entertainment has officially filed another lawsuit against Luhan, releasing the following statement:

“After filing the lawsuit in the Shanghai courts on the February 4, we have also filed a lawsuit against Luhan and the movie production company that casted Luhan to hold them accountable for their actions.”

We have taken this legal action for the same reasons that we have mentioned in our previous statement. We are trying to protect those who may be adversely effected, including SM and EXO, by such illegal activities and actions against the contract and trying to limit damages through contract infringement.

Since Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan  have an exclusive contract with SM that is valid until the court pronounces their final verdict on the case and all profitable activities, such as advertisement models, show appearances, and movie shoots, are all infringements on the contract and also an invasion on the rights and profits of SM and EXO. It is also a rebellious act against the words of the law. Luhan, despite the fact that SM as a management and agency has exclusive rights to him in China, Hong Kong, and everywhere else in the world, made a one-sided decision to appear in movies and the mentioned Hong Kong production companies casted him without consent from SM. They must be both held accountable for their actions. Therefore, SM has officially filed a law suit against Luhan and Luhan’s production companies through King&Wood Mallesons.

SM would like to say that they will act in the same legal manner against all those who may blindly follow their examples whether it be in China, Hong Kong or any other country.”

Since filing for contract termination with SM Entertainment and ceasing their activities with EXO-M, Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan have been active in China as actors and models. Kris (Wu Yifan)’s latest project, a movie titled Somewhere Only We Know was released in local theaters on February 10, while Luhan’s latest project, the movie 20 Once Again, was released in January. In addition, the two recently made their first public reunion appearance on February 8 for CCTV‘s Lunar New Year television program.

Source:  Newsen