SM Entertainment Hires Bodyguards For Red Velvet Following Last Airport Mobbing But Incidents Still Happen

“They never learn…”

Red Velvet‘s arrival at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport turned heads once more, not just for the star-studded presence of the globally acclaimed quintet but also for the crowd control measures put into place by SM Entertainment. The move to bolster security came in the wake of a recent tumultuous experience that saw Irene, the group’s leader, pushed by an overzealous fan, resulting in an alleged foot injury.

After their triumphant win at the Supersound Festival 2023, where Red Velvet took home the Daesang for “Global Female Group of the Year,” the expectations were high for their return. SM Entertainment, aiming to prevent a recurrence of the previous incident, dispatched a team of bodyguards to escort the group safely through the throngs of fans.

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The group was met by a vast number of fans upon their return to Seoul. In fact, the crowd of fans was so big the presence of bodyguards didn’t stop incidents from happening.

Videos from the scene show Irene visibly shocked and upset as she notices two fans falling over during the commotion. This reaction from the group’s leader is a stark indicator of the unpredictable nature of large crowds, despite the presence of professional bodyguards tasked with maintaining order.

The incidents that unfolded point to a persistent issue: the overwhelming fan presence that greets K-pop stars at airports, which can lead to potentially hazardous situations. The presence of bodyguards provided a layer of protection, yet the sheer number of fans proved to be a challenging force to manage.

Irene waving toward fans at the ariport today. | @thinkb329/Twitter

While the members of Red Velvet emerged unscathed, the events have sparked a conversation among ReVeluvs— the name affectionately given to Red Velvet fans — on social media. The message is clear: while fan enthusiasm is appreciated, it should not come at the risk of safety for the artists or fellow supporters.

SM Entertainment’s decision to hire bodyguards was undoubtedly a step toward ensuring the safety of Red Velvet members. However, the continued occurrence of such incidents despite these measures suggests that more comprehensive strategies may be required. It is a situation that demands not just action but also a change in culture surrounding fan interactions with K-Pop idols.

Irene at the airport today. | @bimong_fancam/Twitter

The company, along with airport authorities and fans, must continue to work together to find a balance between enthusiastic support and the safety of everyone involved. As K-pop’s popularity soars, so does the need for effective crowd management and respectful fan conduct to ensure that the excitement of a group’s arrival does not turn into an unsafe event.

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