SM Entertainment Is Spending $90 Million To Build A K-Pop Paradise

The groundbreaking for SM Entertainment’s latest major project has signified the beginning of construction for Changwon SMTown, formerly known as Changwon Culture Complex Town

Proposed design of the new Changwon SMTown.

Expected to be completed by April 2020, the mayor of Changwon Ahn Sang Soo talked about how meaningful to the city this ₩101 billion KRW ($89.92 million USD) project was.

“It is such a meaningful day, opening another horizon for the city of Changwon. The city aims to be a city of culture and arts, and today we move one step closer to that.

With the participation of SM Entertainment, Changwon hopes to become a cultural center of the Hallyu Wave.”

— Mayor Ahn Sang Soo

Changwon city government celebrating the beginning of Changwon SMTown’s construction at the press conference.

SM Entertainment will also add another hologram theater similar to the one at COEX Artium as well as a convention hall for their artists to hold fan meetings and Hallyu events.

Finally, SM Entertainment has planned 2 floors of hotel rooms to allow visitors to fully experience the Hallyu culture. By incorporating virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, the hotel will be presented in a way where it is as if SM Entertainment’s top stars are at the hotel too.

Source: Kookje and MK News