SM Entertainment Issue Statement Regarding Yeri’s Alleged Use Of Profanity During Check-In Live

Netizens claim Yeri used a derogatory term for the handicapped.

Rumours had been spreading in online communities that Yeri of Red Velvet used inappropriate language on the June 3rd episode of Inkigayo – Check-In Live.

The concept of the show is that idols host a talk-show-like segment while in their waiting rooms. The incident in question occurred when Seulgi and Wendy were playing charades.

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When Joy expresses her disbelief that Seulgi and Wendy can’t come up with the answer, Yeri can be heard speaking in the background. Some netizens claim she used a derogatory term about handicapped people: “If you don’t even know this, then you Unnies are seriously like [handicapped]”.

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However, others say she simply said: “If you don’t even know this, then you Unnies are seriously going to get it from the kids”.

SM Entertainment released a statement on July 6th.

After looking into it, Yeri never said the problematic term. We ask that you refrain from speculations.

– SM Entertainment

Source: Daum
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