SM Entertainment Launches Reporting Center For Fan Demands & Artist Protection

Fans will be able to send various reports to the company,

SM Entertainment has taken a big stride towards ensuring the safety of their artists and addressing fans’ concerns more promptly by launching a unique reporting center, “KWANGYA 119.” This online platform, which went live on June 21, was introduced by the agency on Twitter.

The ‘KWANGYA 119′ website, a reporting center for protecting the rights and interests of SM artists, is now live.

You can access ‘KWANGYA 119′ after logging in with your SMTOWN ID and file a report on ‘ARTIST Defamation Report’, ‘Illegal Ticket/Copyright Infringement Report’ and ‘Correction Report & Suggestion’ pages.

— SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment artists during “SMTOWN 2022” | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

KWANGYA 119 is a digital board designed for fans to express their concerns about SM artists, thus building a direct communication channel between fans and SM Entertainment. Fans are able to report instances of defamation, including fake news circulating about the agency’s idols, as well as copyright infringements, illegal ticket sales, and “corrections and suggestions” for the company.

Posts on this platform are private, but other users can view the artist each report concerns and the nature of the complaint. Since its launch, the majority of complaints have pertained to defamation of its artists, including false facts, slander and profanity, and instances of sexual harassment.

According to the guidelines provided by SM Entertainment, fans can add posts between 10 AM and 6 PM KST on weekdays. However, to maintain the system’s efficiency, fans are required to log into their SMTown accounts to make a post and can only make reports in the same category every ten minutes.

SM Entertainment has committed to respond to these reports within seven days of posting, in the order they are received. However, they have warned that a high volume of requests or issues that require liaison with the relevant department may cause some delays.

The company also touched on the topic of ticket sales, announcing that a report page solely for illegal sales is in the plans as well.

As for the ‘Illegal Ticket Sales Report’ page, we are in discussion with show organizers and ticketing sites and plan to open the page as soon as all details are settled. We will send out a separate notice once confirmed.

— SM Entertainment

The advent of ‘KWANGYA 119’ is undoubtedly a testament to SM Entertainment’s commitment to ensure the protection of its artists and directly address the concerns of its fan base. It offers a transparent and organized avenue for grievances and suggestions, allowing for a more informed, comprehensive overview of the issues faced by artists and fans alike.

However, the effectiveness of this initiative will truly be gauged by how efficiently the company handles the incoming barrage of reports. Fans will certainly be watching closely to see how SM Entertainment navigates through this wealth of data, and utilizes it to bring about real, positive change within the industry.

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