SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man Rumored To Have Gifted His Foreign Journalist Girlfriend A Luxury Apartment And Is Living Together With Her

He has reportedly lived with her for years.

SM Entertainment founder and executive producer Lee Soo Man is rumored to have gifted his foreign journalist girlfriend a luxury apartment and is currently living together with her.

Lee Soo Man

According to an exclusive report from Seoul Economy News, Lee Soo Man is currently living with a foreign journalist in a luxury apartment in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The report states that he is living well with a 52-year-old foreign journalist. The journalist went to the United States in March and returned to Korea in May of this year, and has been staying in Korea since then.

I’m not sure why Lee Soo Man donated his apartment to a reporter. From my understanding, the two have not registered their marriage and did not hold a wedding.

— Insider

It was also pointed out by Seoul Economy News that there have been a steady flow of rumors within the entertainment industry that the two have been dating for a long time, and have been living together in recent years.

Lee Soo Man has been discussing the sale of SM Entertainment with several entities, with Kakao being the one most closely tied to the company. However, the conditions of the sale are so complicated that there needs to be a lot of careful consideration. Complications include the price of the sale, the company’s celebrities, Lee Soo Man’s role in the company following the sale, and production fees.

Earlier, it was reported that Lee Soo Man donated a ₩5.00 billion KRW (about $4.35 million USD) apartment to a 52 year old female reporter. She is a reporter at the Seoul branch of a famous North American broadcasting company and is known for her beauty. She recently hosted an event attended by Lee Soo Man.

Source: Seoul Econ
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