SM Entertainment Manager Admits He Wanted The Job Mainly Because Of Irene

This SM Entertainment manager cannot stop smiling when talking about Irene!

Kim Saeng Min‘s new manager revealed that he was such a big fan of Red Velvet’s Irene that he decided to take on the career of a manager.

Kim Saeng Min and his manager appeared on Omniscient Interfering View showing a glimpse of Kim Saeng Min’s daily life.


The manager confessed, “I’m really a big fan of Red Velvet’s Irene noona.”

The manager couldn’t stop himself from smiling ear to ear when talking about his favorite star.


Jun Hyun Moo, who was a host on the show and also a member of SM Entertainment, revealed that although he applied for a job as an SM manager because of Red Velvet’s Irene, he ended up working with Kim Saeng Min.

Kim Saeng Min is also signed to SM Entertainment.


The manager showed a picture of himself taking a selfie in front of Irene’s subway billboard, confirming that he was a true fan.


The manager also regained his energy after a long day by watching clips of Irene. Not to mention, he’d always watch videos of her while waiting for Kim Saeng Min’s schedules.


Meanwhile, fans were shocked that the manager referred to Irene as “noona”, meaning that she was older than him!


Here’s to the diligent manager achieving his dream of meeting his favorite noona one day!

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