SM Entertainment Releases New Twitter Hashflags And Fans Are Spamming The Trends

Some groups now have their firsts, and some needed a long-overdue redesign!

SM Entertainment‘s free online Concert is on its way! To celebrate, the company has just put out new hashflags for all of the artists attending!


Tags also currently work for #SMTOWN_LIVE, #SMTOWN, #EXO, #GirlsGeneration, #NCT, and NCT members’ names.

For several groups and soloists, there have been hashflags before but they have since expired. These new hashflags are spicing up everyone’s timeline, so much so that quite a few of them are trending!

Not many K-Pop groups get hashflags and many more only have them for a small amount of time. Either way, they are a cute and fun addition to fans’ tweets.

Others were a little less than stellar about it and thought the company could have been more creative.

What do you think of the new hashflags? Who are you repping?