SM Entertainment Has A New, Unique Way Of Casting Aspiring Idols

Wanna be an SM trainee?

As one of the “Big 3” companies in K-Pop and the home of many top groups, SM Entertainment is a company many aspiring idols dream of entering.

Luckily for these people, SM Entertainment recently announced that they are casting new trainees, and they are doing so in a unique fashion.

On March 5, they posted three photos on their official casting account. The first photo repeats the words “Tag SM” multiple times alongside the account “smcasting_official”.

SM Entertainment’s casting strategy is to make netizens tag their friends who are aspiring to be the next rookies of the company. The roles of Vocal, Dance, Rap, and Visual all have openings.

If the friend you recommend receives training, you will be given an SM Entertainment New Year Kit and a signed album.

That’s not all. If your friend is able to sign an exclusive contract with the company, SM Entertainment will send a food truck to your school under your name.

The post quickly exploded with netizens tagging their friends. Some people even recommended themselves.

If you’ve always wanted to be an SM Entertainment trainee, now’s the perfect time to ask your friends for their recommendations!

Source: Insight