SM Entertainment Partners With SK Telecom And Adds Idol Voices To AI Speaker

Imagine having idol’s voices wake you up in the morning!

SM Entertainment has partnered with SK Telecom and revealed they would be using SM artists’ voices in the NUGU AI speaker.



On October 29, SK Telecom announced at the SK Group ICT Tech Summit, that Red Velvet’s Irene and NCT Taeyong’s voices are the voices for the ‘celeb alarm’ and ‘celeb schedule’ functions. These functions will be added to the NUGU speakers sometime next month.




SK’s ‘celeb alarm’ will be using TTS (Text to Speech), which will allow the user to set the celebrity’s voice to be called by customized names.

‘Celeb schedule’ is a function that reads SM Entertainment’s official schedule. By using the TTS (text to speech) technology, the artists don’t need to do any additional voice recordings when schedules added to the program.



SK Telecom and SM Entertainment have been in partnership since 2017. The two companies have had a good relationship in that SK can provide services using the voices of artists, and SM can commercialize them.

Who’s excited to have Irene or Taeyong give you a wake up call in the mornings? I know I am!

Source: ajunews