SM Entertainment Releases A Statement About Taeyeon’s Car Accident

SM Entertainment updated on Taeyeon’s current status through an official statement.

They first clarified about what happened during her car collision.

“Around 7:40pm today near Nonhyun-dong, Taeyeon got into an accident due to her careless driving. She was on her way to a personal schedule.”

— SM Entertainment

They apologized to everyone who was hospitalized from the accident.

“We apologize to the drivers and passengers of the cars that were hit, and we’ll be doing our best to take care of the situation.”

— SM Entertainment

SM also updated on Taeyeon’s current condition after the accident.

“Taeyeon has returned to her home after participating in the investigation. She is currently resting and doesn’t seem to be hurt.

We are sorry for causing a nuisance.”

— SM Entertainment

Taeyeon was reported to have been in a 3-car accident and had been taken to the hospital.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon In A 3-Car Accident, 4 people sent to the hospital

Source: Star News