SM Entertainment releases update on Taeyeon’s condition following stage accident

Following shocking news of Taeyeon’s fall on stage at the 24th High1 Seoul Music Award on January 22nd, SM Entertainment has released an update on Taeyeon’s condition. 

According to latest reports, Taeyeon was, thankfully, not badly injured and suffered from a pulled muscle, and was given painkillers at the hospital before getting discharged.

On January 23rd, SM Entertainment gave an update to Korean news portal MBN Star, saying, “Taeyeon was involved in an accident following her performance at the award show. We rushed her to the hospital for an extensive check up. Fortunately, she did not have any substantial injuries, but she pulled a muscle on her back. She was treated and returned home. We plan to keep an eye on Taeyeon’s condition and make sure she does not overexert herself.”

Following TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” performance at the aforementioned event, the trio proceeded to exit the stage with Seohyun noticeably tripping on stage seconds before Taeyeon disappeared down and off stage due to a stage apparatus being lowered off schedule. The incident was caught on a fancam, which soon trended online.

Source: MBN