SM Entertainment responds to netizen disgust at Red Velvet’s manager

Many were appalled to see a video footage of Red Velvet’s manager verbally abusing fans and SM Entertainment has released a statement in response.

The original fancam has gone viral and surprisingly has not been taken down from YouTube. Not only were international fans shocked to see that this is the real situation in Korea, but the locals were also expressing disgust towards the manager’s attitude.

Fans were waiting outside the KBS building on the night of May 8th, after Red Velvet completed their schedule for Music Bank. With the simple intention of just cheering on their idols, fans were greeted with friendly gestures by the girl group members at first, but faced harsh remarks from their manager.

In response, SM Entertainment relayed their apologies, “It is true that the man in the video is Red Velvet’s manager. We are sorry to all the fans. We will strive to make sure this does not happen again.”

Hundreds of netizens have left their comments on the news, with the top comment even gaining more than 10,000 likes. See what they have to say:

1. [+12162, -99] That manager is said to have a record of previous conviction. How did that kind of person become a manager. Seems like there is a certain reason for thatㅋㅋ

2. [+10953, -120] Why are SM managers all like that;;

3. [+8938, -201] Honestly speaking, the manager went overboard ㅋㅋㅋ The fans were just saying a few sentences like “Go back safely,” swearing to them was too much.. Good thing there was feedback on it!

Source: CBS nocutnews