SM Entertainment responds to reports of Girl’s Generation comeback in May

SM Entertainment has released an official statement denying reports of a domestic Girl’s Generation comeback in May as an 8 member group.

A representative from the company told reporters on February 26th, “Girl’s Generation has been continuously working on preparations, however, the date for a [Korean] comeback has not been finalized.”

The girl group recently announced that they will be releasing their 9th Japanese single and first release as an 8 member group with “Catch Me If You Can” in April.

It has been over a year since their last Korean comeback with Mr.Mr. last February and expectations for their return are extremely high. This will be the first time they release music following the departure of member Jessica Jung.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Generation members have been busy preparing for their Japanese single release and have been active in other activities as well including variety shows, radio MCs, acting, and reality shows.

Source: TV Report