SM Entertainment says SNSD Tiffany will reflect upon her recent actions in official statement

Due to her recent actions that upset many of the Korean public on Korea’s national independence day, Tiffany has ultimately been withdrawn from her weekly variety program, KBS Sister’s Slam Dunk.

Xports News, a popular Korean media outlet, was told by SM Entertainment on the 18th that Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany has officially withdrawn from Sister’s Slam Dunk, the KBS channel weekly variety show that the idol has been appearing on since April of this year.

The agency stated, “On Gwangbokjeol, Tiffany made the mistake of posting a photo onto her SNS account that was decorated with a text filter designed with the Japanese imperialist print on it, which she is currently deeply reflecting on.

Gwangbokjeol, or the National Independence Day of Korea, is the day both North and South Korea celebrate the liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945.

SM Entertainment also added onto their statement, “On behalf of our company, we will also do our best in trying to prevent incidents and actions like these from recurring in the future. We sincerely apologize for any of the discomfort and concern we may have caused for many people.

Prior to SM Entertainment’s statement, the KBS staff for Sister’s Slam Dunk also released their own official statement, saying, “We agree that the SNS content of the incident is more than controversial enough to warrant a huge impact on the people of our nation, so we have ultimately decided to withdraw member Tiffany from the show.

Source: Xports News