Netizens Outraged Over SM Entertainment’s Decision To Sell Other Artists’ Albums

#SM_팬기만_STOP is trending

While K-Pop fans are normally very happy when there are crossovers between different idol companies, SM Entertainment has recently come under fire for selling other artists music at their SMTown store.


Recent visitors to the company’s store have been posting pictures online of albums they’ve found on the shelves.


Wanna One, BTS, TWICE, and dozens of other artist albums were spotted on full display there…


Right alongside videos!


After seeing the photos online, many netizens have taken to Twitter to express their outrage and frustration at the company for their actions and have even started trending the hashtag #SM_팬기만_STOP.


Fans of SM Entertainment artists are especially unhappy with the decision to sell these albums as they feel that the store is putting more of an emphasis on these other groups than their own.


Many fans have also pointed out that the store seems to be keeping these other non-SM Entertainment albums in stock while their own idol merchandise is running dangerously low.


Meanwhile, there are many netizens that have been supporting the company’s decision and think that it’s a great way for the company to show some support to these other groups.


Some netizens, however, aren’t fully convinced that this isn’t all a big rumor. A few people have stated that they’ve also recently visited the store and didn’t see any of the albums for sale.