SM Entertainment And Songwriter Kenzie Disagreed About NCT DREAM’s “Hello Future” Lyrics—Here’s How She Won Them Over

“Even finalizing the lyrics had some obstacles…”

As soon as NCT DREAM released “Hello Future” in 2021, the repackaged album and title track was such a hit among fans that it sold over half a million copies in a single day. Although NCTzens fell in love with the song’s lyrics, it might not have turned out that way without some help from one of SM Entertainment‘s veteran songwriters.

Kenzie, a veteran songwriter and producer of over twenty years for SM Entertainment, revealed the road wasn’t easy to complete “Hello Future” but was one of her proudest achievements.

Kenzie | SM Entertainment

Because of the restrictions put into place by the pandemic, the songwriting process looked a bit different for SM Entertainment’s main team of writers. It took them longer than a month of virtual communication just to complete it. That wasn’t the only thing in their way, either.

Moonshine, Adrian McKinnon, and I exchanged ideas for ‘Hello Future’ via lots of emails, Zoom sessions, and KakaoTalk, not knowing that this simple process would take more than a month.

— Kenzie


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After the lyrics for the song were finally complete, gaining approval from the company was another challenge. Kenzie revealed, “Even finalizing the lyrics had some obstacles too, because the A&Rs and I had differences on the main theme and use of certain words.” Kenzie stood her ground.

Mark, Chenle, Renjun, and Jisung. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

With so much experience writing hit K-Pop songs over the years, Kenzie trusted her instincts and opened their eyes to how amazing the song was—without changing its theme and meaningful lyrics. In the end, Kenzie’s persuasion worked.

However, I had belief in my ideas and tried to persuade the team. We are all very happy [with] how it came out to the world.

— Kenzie

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Thanks to her belief in the song’s lyrics being perfect the way they were, “Hello Future” came out the way they planned and instantly became a hit.

Source: Rolling Stone