SM Entertainment Accused Of “Stealing” Stray Kids Lee Know’s Design For RIIZE Wonbin’s Doll

There is a close similarity between the designs.

SM Entertainment recently released RIIZE‘s official VALENTINE’S DAYZE merch, which included dolls for each member. However, fans noticed something familiar about one of the particular dolls.


The doll for Wonbin‘s key ring appeared extremely similar to a design from a JYP Entertainment group.

RIIZE’s VALENTINE’S DAYZE dolls. | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

Stray Kids fans noticed the doll’s face and differently-shaped ears looked nearly identical to a character design Lee Know drew years ago. They immediately accused SM Entertainment of “stealing” Lee Know’s design.

However, everything wasn’t as it seemed because the company wasn’t the one who created RIIZE’s dolls.

RIIZE’s Wonbin | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

Through a Weverse post and a video clip, Anton and Shotaro confirmed the members created the doll designs themselves.


RIIZE fans pointed out that Wonbin’s design for the doll was a coincidence because the three animals used in the design were based on what his fans, members, and friends associated with him.

Neither SM Entertainment nor JYP Entertainment have addressed the similarities between Lee Know’s design and Wonbin’s doll.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know
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