SM Entertainment to take legal action against Chinese cosmetic company using Luhan as model

SM Entertainment has revealed they will be taking legal action against a Chinese cosmetic company for using a photo of Luhan taken while he was in EXO-M.

Recently a cosmetic line in China has started promotions using Luhan as their model. However, the pictures of Luhan were from while he was in SM Entertainment and EXO. The picture of him covering half of his face with a heart was taken when EXO shot a Chinese commercial and the picture they used for cushion covers was taken during his activities in EXO.

The rights to these pictures of Luhan belongs to SM Entertainment. While it is standard practice for companies to check on copyrights of images before using them in commercials or posters, it seems this company has failed to do so

SM Entertainment released a statement saying, “We have collected information on the images used by the cosmetic company and have confirmed that the copyright does indeed bleong to us. We are discussing what legal action to take against those who use this image.”

Advertisement in question featuring Luhan.
Advertisement in question featuring Luhan.

Source: EDaily