SM Entertainment Is Taking Legal Action To Protect Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

With zero tolerance, SM Entertainment will be collecting the many malicious comments and filing a report.

On December 30, SM Entertainment announced that they will be taking legal action against malicious comments directed toward Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

False statements, malicious accusations, and slanderous posts have been indiscriminately shared on online communities, YouTube, social media, and portal sites against our artist Taeyeon.

This damages the reputation of a person and can cause great mental distress to an artist. We are currently collecting data with regards to these illegal acts online to protect our artist. We plan to file our complaints through our attorney, Kim & Chang law firm.

If fans also send evidence of the above illegal acts by January 3 to our email address, we will carefully review them and take legal action.

In the future, we will continue to monitor and take legal measures to protect our artists, and will strongly respond to various illegal activities under the principle of zero tolerance.

—SM Entertainment

This statement comes just days after rumors of Taeyeon and VIXX‘s Ravi dating surfaced and been denied.

Fans are hoping that SM Entertainment holds this regard to its other artists as well, as NCT has been struggling with sasaengs for a long time.

Source: Naver

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