SM Entertainment to seek legal action against No Min Woo’s “slave contract” accusations

No Min Woo files a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for his past activities as a drummer of the band, TRAX. 

On May 11th,  JC Partners, No Min Woo’s legal representatives, stated that the actor and singer filed a legal case against SM Entertainment at the Fair Trade Commission late last month. He cited the agency for its unfair practice, giving evidence over his alleged “slave contract” and consistent broadcast ban.

It was revealed that prior to his debut, he has signed for a contract lasting for 17 years as a direct result of the agency’s unilateral and exclusive terms of conditions. It can be noted that the Fair Trade Commission previously set a guideline that any contracts extending for more than seven years can be filed as a factor for contract termination.

SM Entertainment was also described to have retracted support from all of his activities since then and when he did start to promote independently, the agency blocked all of his appearances.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment responded to the reports and stated that the claims are groundless. They also plan to take legal action against Min Woo.

No Min Woo made his debut in the agency as part of Trax back in 2004 before leaving in 2006 to pursue his own interests. He pursued a career as an actor two years later and appeared in a number of productions such as Pasta, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox and more.

Source: Star Today and Sports Chosen