SM Entertainment Announces New Show Series “Today’s Celeb”—Shopping Infomercial Meets Online Fan Meeting

The show’s first guests will be Super Junior with more SM artists expected to follow in the future.

SM Entertainment is introducing a new type of content for fans: Today’s Celeb, an apparent blend between online fan meetings and shopping infomercials.

According to SM Entertainment’s announcement, Today’s Celeb is a new concept that combines music, talks, and games with shopping in a “live commerce show… where K-Culture and people coexist.” Seemingly blending the ideas of fan meetings with infomercials (programming designed to sell products), Today’s Celeb will involve performances, real-time communication with artists, and exclusive shopping deals that fans can’t find anywhere else.

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The first guest on Today’s Celeb will be Super Junior as the group comes back with their 10th studio album, The Renaissance. During the broadcast, fans will be able to purchase Super Junior’s new album as part of a special deal and receive freebies with each purchase.


As part of the lead-up to Super Junior’s Today’s Celeb show, which will air on March 16, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. Korean Standard Time, SM Entertainment created a survey where fans can vote on what they’ll see and receive.

The freebie gift will be a four-cut photo of the Super Junior members, and fans have been given the option to choose between four poses: their “We are Super Junior” pose, selfies featuring key points of the “House Party” choreography, freestyle hearts, or cool poses. The survey also allows fans to vote on what story they want to hear from the members: behind-the-scenes stories, their favorite song from The Renaissance, a compliment relay, words for fans, or TMI stories.

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The announcement for Today’s Celeb comes just after it was reported that SM Entertainment faced a net loss of ₩80.3 billion KRW (about $70.7 million USD) in 2020, decreasing at a rate of -396.5% compared to their net income in 2019. The company cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for its decline in sales last year.

Source: SMTOWN &STORE and TheQoo