Netizens Are LOL’ing After Seeing A “Trend” In The Expressions Of SM Entertainment’s Idols During Their New Weverse Videos

“Tell me that SM artists were forced without telling me that SM artists were forced…”

Netizens have noticed something unexpected and hilarious after SM Entertainment artists became the latest idols to join the K-Pop platform Weverse.

The idols from SM Entertainment at SM TOWN LIVE 2022 | SM Entertainment

Although Weverse was created by HYBE and seemed to be for its artists, the platform has grown over the years with celebrities and artists from different companies and countries, including Western stars.

On September 12, artists from SM Entertainment became the latest idols to join the platform.

Yet, while many netizens couldn’t hide their excitement about finally having pretty much all the idols they love in one place, one fan noticed something hilarious about the SM Entertainment artist’s introduction to the platform.

Like all those on the platform, each SM artist on Weverse shared a special introduction video.



Yet, one fan hilariously noticed something similar about all the videos, or at least in the screenshots they grabbed. In videos from aespa, NCT, and RIIZE, the fan shared that they all had a similar deadpan expression, joking “They look so happy joining weverse guys.”

In the photos, the members of the groups had quite serious expressions.

Members of NCT DREAM | Weverse
Members of RIIZE | Weverse
Members of aespa | Weverse
Members of NCT 127 | Weverse
Members of WAYV | Weverse

When the post was shared, netizens couldn’t stop sharing their hilarious reactions, with many joking that the idols didn’t want to be there and how it looked like a forced family photo.

Another OP on Twitter noticed something similar, sharing more photos of SM groups, including TVXQ!, Super Junior, and EXO.

Of course, it wasn’t the case with all the artists, and the full videos could show something completely different. In particular, while NCT’s Johnny was spotted smiling during the video, the members of SHINee and also TVXQ! seemed more positive in the clips.

For many of the SM artists, they’ve been through so many changes when it comes to the plaftorms they use to interact with fans. While Weverse has brought them under one platform used by many idols, it is a shock to some fans and it will be interesting to see where the idols fit in.