Fans Deeply Upset After SM Excludes Jonghyun’s Name From Official SHINee Merchandise

“OH no u didn’t…”

SMTOWN has begun receiving pre-orders for SM’s “SEASON’s GREETINGS 2019” package but some fans are seemingly upset about their post in regard to SHINee.


While all the other artists including Red Velvet, NCT, EXO, Super Junior and TVXQ did not contain the members’ names on the cover…


SHINee’s “SEASON’S GREETINGS 2019” included the names of the four SHINee members excluding the late Jonghyun on the cover in bold lettering.


The only other group SM listed the members’ names was Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG, which is the latest subunit of Girls’ Generation.


Fans have been expressing their regrets over Jonghyun’s missing name and some have been criticizing SM for it.

  • “5HINee FIVE 5… 2+2=5 I DON’T ACCEPT THIS SM”
  • “SHINee is five!”
  • “If you’re not gonna put Jonghyun’s name then don’t put any members names”
  • “Don’t have to exclude jjong so explicitly. Shinee is always 5!!!!!!”
  • “Are you forgetting someone SM? Really? It’s not too late to change it…. “
  • “OH no u didn’t”


Others have been a little more understanding, considering the legal matters, but were still sad to be reminded of Jonghyun’s missing spot.

  • “i mean, i know its not legal to use jjong’s name for commercial anymore, but at least dont put the members names for the sake of shawols? Please? :’)”
  • “SHINee is five Forever so please do it right, this Little things make us sad”
  • “This made me sad. 5hinee forever.”
  • “We do understand that. But this is not about his name or legal stuffs. It’s the way they did this. There are many ways to include him without even mention his name. Ok, maybe they don’t want to include him either, but using a logo could be a way that doesn’t exclude him this aggressively….”


Many netizens have also been accusing SM of “lacking effort” in terms of the design of SHINee’s calendar package.

  • “Please pay some more attention to the cover”
  • “The cover is trash…at least put in a picture or something like the other groups…”
  • “What the…what is up with this design”
  • “You can give it to us next month so please do something about the cover…”
  • “This thing looks like something ill draw when im bored in class”


Nonetheless, some have been defending SM and encouraging each other not to make too big of a deal for the sake of the other SHINee members.

  • “Yes of course SHINee is five but please do not become a toxic fandom, the other members do not deserve it. “
  • “Sm cant use jjong’s name for profit anymore. we all know shinee is 5 but you know. legal stuff”


Meanwhile, SM has yet to make any statements in response.

Source: Instagram