SM Ignored “I Got A Boy’s” 200 Million Views, Here’s How Taeyeon Responded

Taeyeon called out S.M. Entertainment on her Instagram for what appeared to be the label’s general disregard for such a milestone.

4 years after its release, Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy” reached 200 million views over the weekend.

Taeyeon celebrated the occasion but sharply pointed out S.M. Entertainment’s lack of congratulations or comment.

“’I Got a Boy’ music video reached 200 million views. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who worked on the video, Girls’ Generation members, and the fans. But SM, you guys aren’t happy? What are you guys up to?”

Girls’ Generations’s Taeyeon

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This isn’t the first time that Taeyeon has expressed her displeasure with S.M. Entertainment as they once mismanaged Taeyeon and Girls’ Generation’s single and album release dates on two separate occasions.

S.M. Entertainment is being contrasted with JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, both of whom publicly congratulated and promoted their artists when they reached 200 million views.

… And Taeyeon is making sure that S.M. Entertainment knows how she feels about it, and she’s garnering positive attention for speaking her mind!

Congratulations, Girls’ Generation on this milestone! Check out their I Got a Boy music video below: